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Does My Reception Area Need a Panic Button?

Does My Reception Area Need a Panic Button?

Does My Reception Area Need A Panic Button?

Through my experience, I have had many people ask me about their workplace
safety and reception area.  I have noticed that each place has unique threats and they’re looking at a way to increase safety and security.  I always want to make sure they have a response plan in place in the event an intruder has made entry into their facility.  Incident response is the most important part of workplace safety and security.  The idea of a panic button is a tool that can be used in conjunction with procedures that are designed to greatly reduce injury.

So…yes, your reception area does need a panic button!  There are too many threats in all industries to not have a direct link to first responders.  The bigger question is what would be the best bang for the buck.  Most threats start at the entrance of a facility and that is where the immediate response can start as well.  I believe most people are unsure of how a panic button actually works since they vary.  I always recommend using technology to create a safer environment.

Does installing a panic button require hard wiring?

In some cases panic buttons require hard wiring into the phone system.  This usually requires a representative from the phone company coming out and actually running the wires.  In other cases, you can have a “plug and play” push panic button.  This means you can plug the panic button into a spare USB port of any computer and will work with a certain alert or panic system.  The option of “plug and play” is a much better option for time, money, and efficiency.

Can the panic button make a phone call?

This depends on what service you get.  Places like museums, shopping malls, schools, and courthouses may have their own in house security to respond to situations.  The most important part of having a phone call placed is to ensure it goes directly to your local responders.  Make sure you can designate what responders would benefit ending the crises as soon as possible.

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Does my small office need a panic button?

Does my small office need a panic button?

In today’s world, it’s wise to expect the unexpected and prepare for something that will hopefully never happen.  It would be safe to say that most places would be considered low to moderate risk; however, that shouldn’t stop any small business from taking proactive measures to minimize any and all threats.  Most small businesses operate on a tight budget and the cost of implementing a safety plan or installing panic buttons drops in priority.  I’m sure if you look back you will find times where a panic button would have been useful to help mitigate the situation.  I believe all industries have some sort of threat and all should be seriously considered given the recent news events.

Why not pick up the phone and call?

We always recommend calling 911 as soon as possible.  We do realize that the situation may get escalated when the perpetrator sees someone picking up the phone to call police.  I have also found in most situations that people are hesitant to call for assistance as they feel it isn’t warranted or want to avoid bad publicity.  I hope in recent news that hesitation will change as threats are always present.  Sometimes picking up the phone and calling may not be an option, but simply pushing a button is.  Keeping the panic discreet can help get responders notified and responding as soon as possible is critical.

What’s the best small business panic button?

There are a lot of great options out there.  Whether you pick CRS Notify at or another company, I highly recommend making the investment on a panic button that won’t absorb too much of your time and money.  Look at what fits your particular needs and fills any communication gaps.  The two keys when deciding is: rapid notification and streamlined communication.  Rapid notification to those who need to know as well as first responders and centralized communication throughout the event.

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