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Hi, my name is John Kessler with CRS here to talk about alert notification systems. I have fifteen years of law enforcement experience… I’ve worked in a school and written safety plans… I’ve written incidence response plans.  I have all that stuff for certification… all that stuff is great… But at the end of the day people are now looking for ways to responds… to increasingly possibilities of victimization. I hate to say it that way because it tends to scare people and they say “Oh My Gosh NO”. NO, That’s why I don’t watch the news… every time we do there’s a problem… and all this stuff… and I don’t want to be naive to the fact, but I want to be prepared to the fact… and today’s era.., we are seeing that violence is the way people are starting to respond more. Disgruntled employees

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…teenagers, you know, bullying situations… stuff like that people are responding with violence instead of handling it through words… and it’s an unfortunate situation… and I feel in our society… the good people in our society are going to help progress that… to put it back where it was.. But obviously we need to look at ways to make our facilities safer. Having an alert notification system is a huge, huge, huge tool. I think that trumps any kind of physical security barriers for businesses… because a lot of businesses suffer with the fact… in schools… they want to create an opening and welcoming environment to the public and to the people that visit… but they also want to maintain security and safety for their facility. So, that’s a really hard balance to find… and a good alert notification system is a good thing that can kind of work in the background and operate and it doesn’t hinder your daily operations. It doesn’t take away from the openness feeling that you want to create for your patrons… but you’re still being progressive. Now, there are a lot of things to get to that point… and getting security and safety training… using innovative responses to your employees is key. Having them have the Warrior mindset is important because a good alert notification system will alert them as soon as possible to danger… Now, we need to look at responding to those situations. So, I always tell everyone regardless of age of children… but everyone in society should focus on the Run, Hide, and Fight. Now the first thing people think is…. “Well hold on, what about lock down”?  “That’s the way it’s always been… We want to do a lock down”.  An alert notification system can allow you to do a lockdown. Having the Run, Fight, Hide does not take away from a lockdown situation. It is an addition to that. People naturally freeze, flight or fight in a situation that’s happening… and so having a good alert notification system in your facility would give people time to respond… because people always revert back to the way that they were trained. So, if they’re trained just to freeze…freezing can get them hurt in that situation… so maybe it’s better for them to run and get away.  So, how do they do it and where do they go… what’s the best way? So, the coordination between local responders and your staff in your business is critical. An alert notification system should be able to merge those two notification systems down to immediate if not instantaneous… and that’s the way a good alert notification system would get people to respond. Listen, time saves, time is of the essence in a lot of situations. Having, like I said, been in law enforcement for fifteen years… things can change in two seconds…and what’s two minutes in normal time in a high stressed situation is an eternity. So, giving your staff in your place a good alert notification system that does not hinder your daily operations is available. Lower that notification time down to zero and train your staff with the Warrior mindset…and that’s a good solution. Now, let’s be honest… and this is a good thing…the chances of something happening in your facility depending on your industry could be very minimal. You could be a higher risk or you could be a very, very, low risk… and a lot of places are a low risk… and that’s not a problem. However, you don’t want to put your best cards down. You know, I realize in law enforcement… when I was in law enforcement for fifteen years, I would go through stages where I was lax… and it was just kind of getting through the daily hustle and bustle and you just kind of … you let your guard down. And something happens to another officer or there be some kind of situation happens… and they come back and say “hey John, here’s this to think about…and you learn something new that puts you back on your game again.. and that’s the way a good alert notification system is… even if you are on your game or where you’re kind of lax… having that alert notification system sent out can get people to quickly say “Oh, I need to start responding”… and that lowers the opportunity of victimization and injury significantly. Statistics show it and I highly recommend it… from a response option instructor and having been in law enforcement… and responding to those situations…and having building safety plans for businesses and schools… that is a good way to go. Alert notification trumps almost anything at this point… giving people time to respond is the most essential tool… and to be honest with you is the most cost effective tool. You want something that you can use today… tomorrow… in ten years. You don’t want something sitting on a shelf that you spent a lot of money on just collecting dust because it’s outdated or it just never really worked … well, an alert notification system… set up right runs in the background… it doesn’t hinder your daily operations… but guess what it’s there when you need it… and that’s all that matters… and it stays innovative to what’s responding… So, when you’re looking for one… look for one that gives you free system updates… or the system updates to allow you to have an alert system for today and for tomorrow. Technology is changing… so, you have that availability… and it’s out there ladies and gentlemen for that… If you have any questions… my name is John Kessler…with CRS and you can reach me at  Thank you for your time.

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