Notes on various topics No. 2

Contouring of nasolabial folds

Even while leading a healthy lifestyle and providing competent skin care, sooner or later each of us faces age-related problems. We are starting to diligently use modern medicines and magical “grandmother's recipes". But in the fight against annoying lines descending from the wings of the nose to the chin, these tools are practically powerless.

Pronounced nasolabial folds usually form after the age of 30. And in conditions of poor ecology, irrational nutrition, under the influence of stress, the formation of treacherous folds can begin even earlier.

But today this is not a reason for frustration. We live in the XXI century, and modern cosmetology has in its arsenal an effective method of eliminating nasolabial folds. The most advanced technology in this regard belongs to the category of facial contouring.

The essence of the method

Contouring of nasolabial folds is an injection of a special filler “filler”. This substance increases the volume of soft tissue, as a result of which it rises, which evens out the relief of the skin.

Despite the apparent simplicity, performing this procedure requires high professionalism from the doctor. It is not uncommon for the desired result to not be achieved as a result of contouring.

The fact is that age-related changes are expressed not only in the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, the volume of soft tissues in the cheekbones and cheeks decreases, a tear groove is released, and the skin begins to hang down. That is, the changes are more extensive.

For this reason, the correction should affect not only the nasolabial folds, but also the areas of the face bordering them. Only in this case it is possible to achieve the maximum result.

Age restrictions

This procedure has no age restrictions. There is also no recommended age for performing the correction. The opinion that contouring of nasolabial folds should be performed as early as possible is erroneous.

The beginning of the process of age-related changes under consideration depends on a number of factors. Heredity, hormonal disruptions, and bad habits can lead to nasolabial folds as early as the age of 25.

The variety of drugs

In Moscow and other Russian cities, plastic surgery clinics use Radiess, Juviderm, Restylane, Surjiderm, and Ellanse drugs. All these tools have already proven their effectiveness and safety. They gradually dissolve within 6 to 12 months after injection, without harming health.

If a plastic surgery clinic offers you an ultramodern drug that is used “only by them”, then this is an occasion to seriously think about the professionalism and honesty of doctors. Needless to say, a plastic surgery clinic that cares about its reputation will never use drugs that do not have a long clinical history. 1xSlots Account Registration. Welcome to 1xSlots, where the ultimate online gaming experience awaits you. 1xSlots Casino Registration If you want to experience the best online gaming experience, then 1xslots is the perfect option. The official website is modern, convenient and easy to use. To start playing, you need to register on the platform. The registration process on the 1xslots official website is extremely simple and will only take a few minutes of your time.