Business Safety Solutions in Today’s Society are Important.

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With all of the violence happening across the United States, safety and security initiatives are crucial. Business safety solutions are one of the most important security measures companies should invest time and money into now more than ever in today’s society. Surveillance systems and buzz-in systems are not enough protection as a stand-alone measure. These types of systems are great to assist with the safety and security structure of your facility. However, they do not notify responders nor do they alert staff and employees a violent crime is occurring.

Great business safety solutions can add a level of security that no one product can offer. When you are gathering information about which initiatives would best fit your facility, consider a USB panic button. There are several panic button programs on the market. All are varying with custom features and add-ons to aid in getting notifications out quickly and quietly to necessary recipients.

What are Some Great Business Safety Solutions?

Business safety solutions consist of having an incident response plan in place along with several other security products. For instance, a technology-driven panic button program paired with a surveillance system and perhaps a security staff would be a great collection to your businesses security initiative. All of these options together give any company a robust security plan. These products paired together help to increase the level of protection for both staff and employees. The panic button can alert multiple responders of the crisis while the surveillance cameras can record footage of the crime. The incident response plan gives employees the knowledge to utilize the correct plan of action while the security staff assists with moving everyone to safety. The rapid notification of the panic button alert also gives responders the chance to assuage the situation more efficiently.

Why are Business Safety Solutions More Prevalent Today?

There are several reasons why business safety solutions are more prevalent today than just a few years ago. With the increase in mass shootings and robbery, more companies are becoming proactive about safety and security solutions. The News channels are filled with the crime that plagues our country on a daily basis. In a matter of seconds, a typical workday can take a turn for the worst. The number of active shooter incidents is on the rise according to the Boston Globe. The Boston Globe reported approximately 20 cases of active shooter incidents in 2015.

Only two other years ranked higher with active shooter incidents. In February 2017, there were 30 people killed due to mass shootings and 83 injured. Those numbers are astonishing. As the crime rate continues to rise, business safety solutions should be at the top of the security list for your company.

What are the Benefits of  Business Safety Solutions?

Every business owner’s primary concern is the protection from a criminal intrusion of any magnitude. Whether your business is a medical facility, school, or corporate institution interested in offering a secure environment, adding a panic button is a very valuable addition to your security system.

Violence can strike any workplace at any time. Roughly two million Americans are victims of workplace violence each year. Companies that handle money and have public access are at higher risk of an incident occurring. Having a security plan for your business will provide your employees a better sense of security. It may be nearly impossible to prevent workplace violence altogether. However, a panic button paired with a security system and other security initiatives is the most efficient way to defend against an incident.

There have been several high-profile school shootings in the last 20 years, which has exposed the safety and security weaknesses in our schools. School safety is our country’s #1 concern. With a panic button installed at a school, it could not only alert the police of an emergency but also notify the entire campus to execute safety initiatives. Many schools across the nation have resource officers and surveillance cameras on campus but is it enough protection for our countries youth?

In conclusion, business safety solutions are important no matter the industry of your business. Research the safety and security components that will best fit your facilities needs. Make sure all employees are trained in the incident response plan because no security measure is complete without one. Be proactive in building a safety and security structure for your facility. These security initiatives could determine the outcome of a crisis, saving lives or the loss of many.

Still Unsure About Business Safety Solutions?

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