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You have probably been assigned research ways to increase security measures within your company. One main topic for many business leaders is adding a computer alarm system to their safety initiatives. As a security consultant, I understand the pros and cons of all the security products out there on the market. There are several things a company should consider before deciding which security programs to invest their time and money.

First, carefully evaluate all aspects of your business’s current security issues. Some main topics to consider would include; How to handle the potential for workplace violence from both an inside or outside source. Also, look at information on how to respond to an active shooter incident. Crimes against businesses are usually crimes of opportunity. Failure to take good security precautions invites crime into a business.

Lastly, research the different programs that your company is interested in adding to the security plan. Ask a safety vendor representative questions about their product’s functionality to see if the product will cover your company’s needs. Inquire about the cost of the program to ensure that it is profitable for your company. Request quotes, demos, white pages, free trials, and for any other information about the company’s products that will help in the discussion and decision process. I also suggest incorporating a computer alarm system into your company safety initiatives. A computer software alarm system could be the most valuable asset to your company during an active crisis.

Computer Panic Button

Why choose a Computer Alarm System Over a Buzz-in System?

So, why should you search for a computer alarm system over, say, a door buzz-in system? A computer alarm system can conform to how a company operates their facility without drastically changing their daily operations. I could go on for hours of why having a computer alarm system is more favorable than a buzz-in system. I do not discredit buzz-in systems. However, I don’t think buzz-in systems are the overall solution to increased security. Furthermore, I have come to the conclusion that if someone wants into a facility, he or she will gain access by any means necessary. A buzz-in system and cameras will not foil their plan.

Moreover, every place I have been to with a buzz-in system has let me in without knowing who I am and why I am there. Usually, entry is gained into a business because so many people come throughout the day that the buzz-in system has hindered the office operations. The buzz-in system has become more of a nuisance rather than a solution. Having both a computer alarm system and a buzz-in system are a good option if your organization can afford both. If not, I recommend the computer alarm system because it covers a broader spectrum of internal and external threats.

Should I go with a Traditional Panic Button System Over a Computer Alarm System?

No! I have never heard of a panic alarm go through in under two minutes with traditional panic buttons. Simply put, traditional hardwired panic buttons are outdated and ineffective. However, a technology-driven computer alarm system is much more innovate and affordable over the traditional panic alarm buttons. The traditional panic buttons take several minutes to alert just ONE responder. Well, how would you alert other staff members either inside or outside the office, you ask? Are you and your employees prepared for a lengthy reaction time from responders in an emergency situation? For these two reasons alone, technology has the traditional panic buttons on the clearance aisle.

I recommend using a technology-based computer alarm system to alert responders and staff in the event of an emergency. Using a tech-driven panic button alarm system and having an innovative incident response plan that caters to the lockdown method as well as the run, hide, or fight practice is essential. They are the most cost-effective solutions that cover a broad, spectrum of threats that do not hinder daily operations. Embrace security initiatives that are proven to save lives. It could be the best thing you ever do for your company.

Still Unsure About a Computer Alarm System for your Office?

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