How Can I Handle a Disruptive Student in the Classroom?

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Having a disruptive student is an unfortunate reality for teachers. It is something that all teachers have to work through, whether they like it or not. How can a teacher call for backup when a student becomes so disruptive that it interrupts the actual teaching? A duress button from CRS Notify helps teachers quickly get in contact with colleagues and authorities when seconds matter the most.

Why is a Duress Button Important for a School to Use with a Disruptive Student?

There are hundreds of schools, colleges and universities across America. However, many of them do not have a duress button installed in their facilities. It is important for schools to incorporate a duress button system into their incident response plan because you never know when a teacher will have to handle a disruptive student.

Violence in schools undermines the sense of security felt by students, staff, and teachers. A panic button system is versatile and can restore that feeling of security. The system can instantly prompt responders into action to handle the crisis more efficiently. A proper panic system has a mass notification capability, arming responders with crucial information about the disruptive student. Whether the violence is of an internal or external force, with a push of a button or click of a mouse, you can alert multiple people of the crisis within seconds.

How do you know a Duress Button is a Right Choice for Your School?

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  1.  Do Staff Members Need a Way to Call for Assistance Safely?

Any employee, no matter their position in the school, can become a victim of a disruptive student. A duress button can offer these school employees a better sense of security. The duress button can allow them to call for help quickly and discreetly without drawing attention and putting themselves in danger. Computer-based duress buttons make it easier to contact the authorities when a traditional 911 phone call might not be possible.

  1. Do Staff Members Need a Way to be Notified of a Crisis?

Computer-based duress buttons send out mass notifications to school employees and responders. This rapid alert cuts warning times down to seconds instead of minutes. Furthermore, this type of notification strengthens the response time of responders and allows school employees to time to react efficiently to the crisis. Once authorities respond to the alert, there is a greater chance of catching the assailant. Through multiple communication channels, the crisis information is directed to staff members. Having this valuable information in a timely fashion can save lives.

  1.  Do You Want a Way to Warn Authorities Quickly Yet Discreetly?

Computer duress buttons help to protect school employees and students from life-threatening incidents. Moreover, the rapid notification gives authorities needed information to respond to the crisis. With the click of your computer mouse or push of a button on a hardware device allows staff to send an alert without alerting the criminal.

How Do You Focus on an Emergency Response Plan?

When developing your emergency response plan, concentrate on identifying simple solutions to empower your staff’s options in an actual crisis. Focus on a program that will increase workers risk awareness, avoidance, and response timing. The key is to prepare staff with options that they could use in any crisis. An emergency response plan is not just about one main safety precaution. It is, in fact, a cumulation of several different types of safety and security measures. The “run, fight, or hide” is maybe the most efficient method to use for any kind business. The run, hide, or fight technique is perfect for a lockdown situation or active shooter scenario. Incorporating a surveillance camera system and a panic button program also adds a much-needed layer to your companies security initiatives.

Furthermore, local police departments, fire/rescue departments, and numerous military bases offer an active crisis training class to businesses and civilians. Moreover, everyone should take advantage of these classes. This training could determine the outcome of any given crisis. Employees that have the proper tools and training to react in an emergency are much more likely to survive the situation and save other lives in the process.

Still Unsure About a Duress Button?

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