Can Holdup Alarm Systems Benefit Substance Abuse Counselors?

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Substance abuse counselors have nearly seen it all. Emotions tend to run high during substance abuse counseling sessions. Obviously, there is absolutely no way for substance abuse counselors to foresee how any one of their patients will react during any given moment. A holdup alarm system from CRS Notify is an absolute must for any incident response plan.

Why Use a Holdup Alarm System for Substance Abuse Counselors?

There are a few scenarios where a holdup alarm system for substance abuse counselors is an absolute must.

One scenario where a holdup alarm system for substance abuse counselors would be useful would be in an assault situation. Because a therapy session could potentially have high emotions, a holdup alarm system from CRS Notify would be essential.

Another scenario where a holdup alarm system for substance abuse counselors would be useful would be if a worker in the office needs help quickly. Perhaps a counselor is working alone with a patient who suddenly has a medical emergency. With the CRS Notify holdup alarm system, all people connected to the network would be made aware instantly that there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

A final scenario where a holdup alarm system would be useful is in the case of imminent danger to counselors and clients. A staff member could trigger the holdup alarm system, alerting authorities of the problem. A CRS Notify holdup alarm system is connected to 911 via E911 integration, bypassing the alarm company altogether during an emergency. This saves valuable time when seconds matter the most.

How to Avoid Workplace Violence

There is no flawless way to entirely avoid workplace violence. The best way to be prepared is to be proactive, rather than reactive to a potentially risky situation.

All those who work in as a substance abuse counselor need to be made aware of any kind of common situation that could happen, and how to work through them should they arise. Again, employees should be proactive rather than reactive.

Incident Response Plan

An incident response plan is just as important as a holdup alarm system for substance abuse counselors. How does the staff need to react in case of emergency? Depending on the type of emergency, it may not be advisable to activate the holdup alarm system right away. In fact, many safety and security personnel will advise against triggering the holdup alarm during an ongoing emergency if it is not safe to do so.

An incident response plan would be especially advisable for substance abuse counselors that regularly see patients with limited mobility or mental abilities. What happens when the office needs to be evacuated quickly?

In the case of an active shooter, many places will recommend run-hide-fight. Running from the situation is the first thing that people should do. If it is unsafe to run, then people need to hide in a safe place. If all else fails, fighting the assailant should be a last resort.


It is essential for a holdup alarm system for marriage and family therapists to be included in every incident response plan. CRS Notify holdup alarm systems include the option to raise two alert levels. Our technology-driven holdup alarm systems also instantly alert everyone within a network if an alert has been raised. CRS Notify holdup alarm systems can also be directly connected to 911. This bypasses the security company altogether during an emergency when seconds matter the most.

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