A Holdup Button System for Any Size Office is Unmatched

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Many companies are looking for a holdup button system for their facility, because of the violence we are experiencing in America today. Global and domestic terrorism is a huge problem, and companies are looking for ways to actively respond. Many companies are buying security products online and out of security magazines. Corporate management teams purchase metal detectors, buzz-in systems, surveillance cameras and all these great safety products that become a hindrance to daily operations. Therefore, these security initiatives are often then taken away because those efforts become a nuisance to day-to-day functions. Finding solutions to a security problem should be cultivated and embraced by your facility. CRS Notify has a solution that can help workplaces all over the country feel a peace of mind once again.

What is the Main Reason to Have Holdup Buttons for Offices?

The idea behind having a holdup button is to lower the time between the onset of an incident and when responders are on the scene. This allows for quick crisis de-escalation, which reduces the opportunity of victimization. Responders are declaring traditional holdup buttons ineffective because of the substantial time delay between alarm and response.

Why are Traditional Holdup Buttons a Mistake?

Because the traditional holdup button has a delayed notification, most first responders will not make it to the incident as it is happening. Furthermore, conventional holdup buttons do not give any information for the alarm call to responders. First responders do not know if there is an actual emergency or false alarm until they are dispatched to the scene. First responders also are unable to see precisely where the alert originated. Because of the late notification time, traditional holdup buttons have proven ineffective for a rapid response time and time again.

How does a CRS Holdup Button System Work?

The click of a computer mouse or an optional hardware button from any computer running CRS Notify program instantly alerts multiple people and responders using various communication channels. By default, CRS Notify can raise either level alert via computer mouse from the tray icon of the workstation. Our computer-based holdup button system has centralized communication with adjustable alert levels.

When you want to alert your responders and not the creepers, the alert room can be resized and muted for an inconspicuous silent alarm. You can set alerts to a specific color to ensure simplicity for all users. Opens a centralized, real-time communication channel to keep everyone updated until the situation has been handled. Each user is shown by their name and location throughout the situation. Text and email recipients also get follow-up notifications on any communication.

A unique feature of CRS Notify is that you can connect multiple buildings together in the event of an emergency. Connect various buildings on the same campus, numerous locations in the same area, or even numerous offices across the globe. All of your offices can connect back to one centralized point. You would know immediately if a high alert was raised at any one of your facilities around the world! CRS Notify allows you to then communicate with those institutions to send and receive real-time updates via the alert room on the situation.

When Choosing a Holdup Button System Consider the Facts

In conclusion, the holdup button systems of today are far more reliable than the old school holdup buttons of yesterday. New age software alerts systems are also far less expensive and easier to install. When choosing a holdup buttons for your facility, step into the 21st century. Leave the outdated holdup button systems in the past where they belong. Holdup button systems should be updated regularly to combat our country’s growing statistics of crime. Don’t be left behind in the technology revolution.

Still Unsure About a Holdup Button System?

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