A Technology-Driven Holdup Button Has Undeniable Advantages.

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Many business owners are unsure about workplace safety and holdup buttons. Each workplace has different and unique threats. Many people are looking at a way to increase safety and security. It is critical that a response plan is in place in the event an intruder has made entry into the facility. Incident response is the most essential part of workplace safety and security. The idea of a holdup button as a tool that can be used in conjunction with procedures that are designed to substantially reduce injury.

There are too many threats in all industries not to have a direct link to first responders. The bigger question is, what would be the best bang for the buck? Most threats start at the entrance of a facility, and that is where the immediate response can begin as well. Many people are unsure of how a holdup button works since they vary. A technologically-advanced desktop holdup button from CRS Notify helps lessen the chance of victimization. The CRS Notify program cuts out the middleman during an emergency when seconds matter the most.

A Technology-Driven Holdup Button Has Undeniable Advantages.

There are many benefits tech-driven holdup button systems for offices offers that other tools do not. Setting up holdup buttons in the common areas of your facility increases security. Also, this type of setup allows employees to quickly access the duress buttons in the event of an emergency. Quick access to these holdup buttons cuts response time down to mere seconds rather than several minutes. Responders also have the information provided by the alert system to handle the emergency more efficiently.

Holdup button systems are not very expensive to install. Minimal effort is needed to set up these programs, so daily office activities are rarely disrupted. Technology-based holdup buttons are icons disguised in the tray icons or on the screensaver of your computer workstation. Equally, many holdup button providers offer optional hardware devices that are easily hidden from a criminal during a volatile emergency situation. Which in turn, also provides the peace-of-mind needed to operate a safe work environment.

Did you know roughly 2 million Americans will experience at least one case of workplace violence this year? Adding a technology-driven holdup button at your facility can increase the chances of successfully triggering an alert in a crisis. Moreover, these innovative systems send out mass notifications to multiple responders with a push of a button. The outcome of these emergency situations tends to be more favorable when the first responders are notified with more accurate information quickly. Research suggests that there is little hope of reasoning with a criminal. Usually, their mind is set on the actions of violence before they walk into any facility they have targeted.

How does a Holdup Button Work?

The click of a computer mouse or an optional hardware button from any computer running CRS Notify program instantly alerts multiple people and responders using various communication channels. By default, CRS Notify can raise either level alert via computer mouse from the tray icon of the workstation. Our computer-based holdup button system has centralized communication with adjustable alert levels.

When you want to alert your responders and not the creepers, the alert room can be resized and muted for an inconspicuous silent alarm. You can set alerts to a specific color to ensure simplicity for all users. Opens a centralized, real-time communication channel to keep everyone updated until the situation has been handled. Each user is shown by their name and location throughout the situation. Text and email recipients also get follow-up notifications on any communication.

A unique feature of CRS Notify is that you can connect multiple buildings together in the event of an emergency. Connect multiple buildings on the same campus, multiple locations in the same area, or even multiple offices across the globe. All of your offices can connect back to one centralized point so you know immediately if a high alert was raised at any one of your facilities around the world! CRS Notify allows you to then communicate with those institutions to send and receive real-time updates via the alert room on the situation.

Still Unsure About a Holdup Button System?

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