Incident Response Plan Training Classes Prepare Staff for a Dangerous Situation

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Incident response plan training classes are an excellent way to prepare your staff for a dangerous situation. This type of training should be at the top of your list when discussing incident response initiatives. There are many safety and security devices on the market to assist with access control and an incident response plan. However, the most efficient active crisis training method is incident response plan training and awareness. Most safety and security training focuses on the problems rather than solutions. I like to focus on solutions to the problems rather than the issues alone. An incident response plan can add value to your security initiatives without hindering daily activities.

Below is a photo of the threat assessment priority levels via Stanford University. This diagram will help to set the standard for evaluating risks and responding according to the incident response plan your company has in place.

incident response plan

How Do You Focus on an Incident Response Plan?

When developing your incident response plan, concentrate on identifying simple solutions to empower your staff’s options in an actual crisis. Focus on a program that will increase workers risk awareness, avoidance, and response timing. The key is to prepare staff with options that they could use in any crisis situation. An incident response plan is not just about one main safety precaution. It is, in fact, a cumulation of several different types of safety and security measures.  The “run, fight, or hide” is maybe the most efficient method to use for any kind business. The run, hide, or fight technique is perfect for a lockdown situation or active shooter scenario. Incorporating a surveillance camera system and a panic button program also adds a much-needed layer to your companies security initiatives.

Furthermore, local police departments, fire/rescue departments, and numerous military bases offer an active crisis training class to businesses and civilians. Moreover, everyone should take advantage of these classes. This training could determine the outcome of any given crisis. Employees that have the proper tools and training to react in a crisis are much more likely to survive the situation and save other lives in the process.

Still Unsure About an Incident Response Plan?

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