How Can I Keep My Staff Safe with an Office Alert System?

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Active shootings almost seem common these days. Along with common policies and procedures such as fire evacuation routes, incident response plans are the new normal. An office alert system is a must since there is no guaranteed way to avoid an active shooting. An office alert system from CRS Notify can help employees and business owners alike have peace of mind during their day to day activities.

What is an Office Alert System?

A panic button system comes in many different varieties. Our office alert system consists of a desktop button app with the option of hardware panic buttons.

No two emergencies are exactly alike. Our office alert system has two options when activated, low and high. In general, a low alert can signal people within one office. For example, a receptionist raises a low alert to warn colleagues of an unruly customer in the lobby. A high alert is directly connected to 911. An active shooting would be an example situation for a high alert. The direct connections to emergency services dramatically decrease the response time in case of emergency.

What are the Pros of Having an Office Alert System?

An office alert system is discreet and easy to operate. A technology-driven panic button system from CRS Notify has notifications that let you know that the alert went out to responders. These panic button systems are easy to install and are not very expensive. A computer-based office alert system from CRS Notify is much more reliable than a traditional office alert system. Furthermore, responders are notified within seconds that there is a crisis in your location. Alert notifications can be sent out via, text, email, phone call, computer and E911. This completely bypasses the security company itself, saving valuable time during an emergency.

What is the Difference Between a Traditional and Technology-Driven Office Alert System?

There is a major problem with a traditional office alert system. This type of panic button system is a blanket product that usually requires a construction crew to install which interrupts daily office activities. Many local alarm companies offer traditional panic systems. The alarm company hardwires the office alert system through your phone system to be able to send out alerts. The problem with that is, you do not know how long it takes to contact responders or if it is even working.

An office alert system offers security initiatives in a panic button system for your company that is technology-based. CRS Notify integrates internal and external notification alerts to multiple people, using multiple channels ALL at the push of a button. Instead of one alert offered by traditional alert systems, CRS Notify offers two! Some of the new age notification systems also provide E911 integration. Meaning the warning system will notify employees through multiple channels, but it will also call your local 911 dispatch. Furthermore, modern notification systems are easier to manage. You can usually make changes from one centralized point without contacting your local alarm company for assistance. We also offer the option of a hardware button for the convenience of your facility.

When Choosing an Office Alert System, Consider the Facts

In conclusion, the office alert systems of today are far more reliable than the old school office alert systems of yesterday. A new age office alert system is also far less expensive and easier to install. When choosing an office alert system for your facility, step into the 21st century. Leave the office alert system in the past where it belongs. Technology changes fast!

Still Unsure About an Office Alert System?

Contact us for more information to make the best decision for your office alert system. or 800-533-7201 M-F 8-5 pm CST

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