Panic Alarms

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Violent crimes are at the forefront of today’s society. With this in mind, many people feel unsafe doing the same mundane tasks of several years ago. Panic alarms can help give people peace of mind just in case a critical situation may arise.

What are Panic Alarms?

Panic alarms come in many different varieties. Our system consists of a desktop button app with the option of hardware panic buttons.

Not all emergencies are created equal. Our panic alarms have two options when activated, low and high. A low alert can just alert people within the office that assistance is needed. For example, a low alert could be raised when an unruly customer is in the lobby. A high alert is directly connected to 911. This would be used during a shooting, for example. The direct connections to emergency services dramatically decrease the response time in case of emergency.

Learn about Panic Alarms

Traditional notification systems often become outdated relatively quickly. These types of notification systems can be rather expensive to install. The construction alone can disrupt daily activities and decrease productivity within your facility. Furthermore, these traditional panic alarms do not offer free system updates, such as a wireless panic alarm system. That one small detail could leave you with a system that renders your facility vulnerable.

Meanwhile, innovative technology driven products are most often able to adapt to your security needs. From surveillance cameras to wireless panic alarms, when incorporated into an active crisis incident response plan can save lives. Also, these programs are always evolving, while striving to increase workplace safety. Also, technology driven panic alarm software is rather inexpensive, which will not drain your company budget. That is always a plus.

Why Wireless Panic Alarms are on the Rise

The crime rate is skyrocketing all across the nation. Violence is more prevalent now than ever before. We go through our day never actually thinking about the danger that moves past us. However, if you turn on the news, the heartbreaking devastation is laid before your eyes. For instance, In Dallas, Texas 14 people were shot.  Five Dallas police officers died, and seven other victims wounded, leaving behind a wake of sadness. Reporters say this is the worst mass shooting since 9/11.

In the last decade, the world has experienced acts of terrorism and violence that have shaken the very core of governments and citizens alike. With that said, be proactive about your facilities safety and security. Have an incident response plan in place to train staff on how to react in situations of crisis. Consider the option of technology-driven wireless panic alarms that offer mass notification as well as desktop alerts.

Being proactive now can substantially lower the chances of a tragedy within your facility. However, don’t rely on technology alone to protect your employees. Give your staff the knowledge and the tools needed to react responsibly in a dangerous situation. There is no independent, foolproof way to handle any given crisis. Although the most compelling evidence points to taking advantage of all resources that are available to you. Wireless panic alarms are the way to go.

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