How Can Panic Systems for Businesses Help Keep Employees Safe?

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Panic systems for businesses are critical to all facilities. Everyone is a target for violence and terrorism. What happens if an attacker enters the front office of your business? What method do your employees have to alert others of a potentially dangerous situation? Do you have an incident response plan in place to help protect employees?

Thus, an emergency situation that requires police response is made by placing a 9-1-1 call or triggering a classic panic system. However, response times are based on location and priority. On average, it takes approximately seven minutes before help arrives on the scene. Not to mention, seven minutes is a lifetime in a crisis situation. Therefore, making rapid notification is just as important and the response time of responders.

In addition, CRS offers panic systems for businesses with a variety of options, which gives employees the ability to raise an emergency alert quickly and effortlessly.  Notification systems driven by technology are the wave of the future in safety and security. Therefore, the benefits of notification systems are removing the possibility of public threats.  While equally making your business a safe place for everyone.

Furthermore, instant emergency notifications increase the chance of a successful outcome. We all remember the Sandy Hook school shooting. This tragedy was classified as one of the deadliest mass school shootings in US history. Nevertheless, Had there been a panic button system maybe the outcome would have been drastically different. Being proactive about safety and security is the best defense against situations out of our control.

System Features for Panic Systems:

  • Electronic panic systems: utilizes hotkeys to notify assigned recipients.
  • Emergency notifications: can be configured to existing systems, no need to purchase additional equipment.

Where Should I Put Panic Systems?

  • Receptionist’s desk
  • Lobby areas
  • Check-out counters
  • Cashier station
  • Areas with cash handling
  • Human resources department-interview rooms
  • Executive offices

Still Unsure About Panic Systems?

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