Personal Safety Tips for You in Today’s World of Violence

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Personal safety tips are at the forefront of everyone’s mind these days. With all of the violent crime happening around us, we should all take precautions to stay safe. Many police departments and colleges offer self-defense classes for personal safety. Moreover, these courses help you with risk awareness, risk avoidance, and risk reduction strategies along with actual self-defense moves. Past that, let others know your whereabouts is equally as important. If an incident ever does occur, other employees will know around about vicinity to begin looking.

What Are the Best Personal Safety Tips?

personal safety tips

  1. Opening the Business: Have two or more employees unlock the business together. One should stay outside, while the other checks the interior. After clearing, both can enter the premises.
  2. Closing the Business: Staff should accompany each other out to their vehicles, especially at night. IF this is not an option see if security guard can walk you out or park in a well-lit area.
  3. Panic Buttons: Panic buttons should be installed at the front entry point of your business. Make sure there are phones at all entry points.
  4. Bank Deposits: Employees making bank deposits should always go in pairs. If you are alone, vary the times of deposits. Carry the deposit bag in an everyday bag. Furthermore, never use bank bags as this is an obvious situation for hold-ups.
  5. Parking & Walk Areas: Make sure all parking areas are well lit at night and early morning. This prevents dark areas for an assailant to hide. Furthermore, keep the building clear of bushes and debris as well.
  6. Controlling Access: Keep secondary exits locked. Limit secondary exits by marking them as “Emergency Exit Only.”

Why are Personal Safety Tips Important to Follow?

personal safety tips

Personal safety tips are important to follow because you cannot rely on technology alone. In this high-tech world, we still live in a time when the crime rate is at its highest. What if the power goes out or your cell phone does not have a signal? How are you going to call for help? Furthermore, how are you going to protect yourself? I recommend that every business offers a self-defense training class and incident response training at least twice a year. That way all employees are up to speed on the plan of action that should be taken during a crisis. Also, running drills of the incident response plan and emergency action plan. Take the time to make sure that Safety comes first! Protect yourselves and each other.

Still Unsure About Personal Safety Tips?

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