School Panic Button System

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Having a technology-driven panic button system in your school is a great addition to your incident response plan. Since 2013 there have been over 160 violent crimes in schools, colleges, and universities across the United States. In a two-year period, 53% of school shootings took place at K-12 schools and 49% on college/university campuses.

Why is a Panic System Important for a School to Incorporate into Their Incident Response Plan?

There are hundreds of schools, colleges, and universities across America. However, many of them do not have a panic button installed in their facilities. It is important for schools to incorporate a panic button system into their incident response plan because you never know when a crisis will develop.

Violence in schools undermines the sense of security felt by students, staff, and teachers. A panic button system is versatile and can restore that feeling of security. The system can instantly prompt responders into action to handle the crisis more efficiently. A proper panic system has a mass notification capability, arming responders with crucial information about the crisis. Whether the violence is of an internal or external force, with a push of a button or click of a mouse, you can alert multiple people of the crisis within seconds.

What are Three Reasons Why USB Panic Buttons are Better than Traditional Panic Buttons for Schools?

  1. Flexibility- Traditional panic buttons commonly offered through alarm companies require hard wiring into your phone line. Moving the panic button would cause an alarm companies representative to move the buttons at your cost. Relocating the panic button can be very costly. The USB panic button is easy to install and move from computer to computer. Unplug the USB panic button from one computer and plug it into another computer, It is that simple.
  2. Rapid Notification- Unlike traditional panic buttons, the USB panic button commonly operates with a software program installed on the computer and uses the power of the internet. Traditional panic buttons can take over two minutes to alert just one type of responder. In contrast, USB panic buttons using the internet can instantaneously alert both internal and external responders.
  3. Alerting Methods- Unlike traditional panic buttons, USB panic buttons have multiple ways to alert many responders. Traditional panic buttons only alert one responder of an emergency. USB Panic buttons can simultaneously alert many responders and staff using various methods, including but not limited to, automated voice calls, text messages, phone apps, emails, and computers. USB panic buttons merge all alerting needs into one button for a prepared response.

In conclusion, UBS panic button systems lower notification time to responders from minutes to seconds. If a crisis happens in your school, which panic system do you want working for you?

Still Unsure About a School Panic Button System?

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