The Threat of Workplace Violence is Real in Today’s Society.

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The threat of workplace violence is undeniable in America. Violent assaults accounted for approximately two out of every six unfortunate work incidents in 2015. Statistics have shown that violence in the workplace is often a tragic event that can happen to any business – sometimes for completely unrelated reasons and other times for a highly connected agenda. Furthermore,  bringing into play workplace violence prevention and preparedness plans into facilities throughout the United States has never been more urgent.

How do you Recognize Behavior that may Lead to Workplace Violence?

Less than 50% of violent crimes are reported to police. The FBI estimated that law enforcement agencies across the country made 10.8 million violent crime arrest in 2015 nationwide. A quarter of those arrests were due to violence in the workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported an average of 2 million reported cases of violence in the workplace each year.

Business owners and CEOs should take the necessary steps to train managers and employees on how to identify behaviors that may result in violence in the workplace. Such reactions consist of but are not limited to: excessive tardiness or absence, declined productivity, strained relationship within the workplace, substance abuse, and depression symptoms. Being able to pick up on changes in coworkers behavior can help provide early intervention.


In conclusion, it is imperative for businesses to assess their risk of workplace violence, develop a plan, and provide ongoing training for both managers and employees. Also, offering counseling resources for employees on site will significantly help reduce stress within the workplace. Paying attention to the warning signs can help prevent issues. This allows management to address the problem before it becomes dangerous. Situations may happen that are out of your control. Preparing employees and staff on how to react in an emergency situation is the best option.

Still Unsure About Workplace Violence?

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