Top 10 Steps on How to protect Myself at Work.

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Many working Americans do not feel safe at work these days. Considering that 15% of all fatal workplace injuries were due to violence were due to violence in 2015, American workers have something to be concerned about every single day. There are many ways to arm employees with information to lower their chances of victimization in the case of workplace violence.

Disgruntled employees do not necessarily commit workplace violence. In fact, there are many instances where violence stems from a violent domestic situation. The following list outlines different ways to protect yourself at work.

  1. Be observant – employees should be vigilant for suspicious behavior. This includes customers and colleagues alike. Suspicious behavior can range from anywhere from worrying actions to specific threats.
  2. Report suspicious activity – along the same vein, this activity absolutely should be reported to a superior. If this is caught early, violence could potentially be avoided.
  3. Workplace violence awareness – make employees aware of workplace violence. Let them know what it entails and what to look out for. Awareness is an excellent tool to let everyone know what to be on the lookout for.
  4. Incident response plan – an incident response plan is essential should the worst happen. Even though employers hope never to implement the incident response plan, just knowing what to do in a crisis can help everyone handle the problem smoother.
  5. Security system – again, it seems obvious, but it is exponentially helpful. There have been times where violence was completely avoided due to the presence of a security system. A decent security system should have views of all areas of the workplace as well as a way to contact emergency services.
  6. Stay in touch – in the instance of a working environment where co-workers do not necessarily work closely together, contact is essential. Many employers issue cell phones or walkie-talkies so colleagues can get in touch with each other.
  7. Let the employer know if a domestic violence situation exists – many workplace violence acts against women were committed due to an existing domestic violence situation. Many times, a disgruntled ex-partner has entered the workplace and committed violence. The employer does not need to know everything, but they should potentially know if an ex-partner has a propensity for violence.
  8. Stay calm – this seems obvious, but it may not always happen in a heated situation. If nothing else, keeping calm will help everyone keep a clear head.
  9. Do not go anywhere unsafe – trust your gut. If it doesn’t seem safe, do not go alone. The buddy system is critical if entering the risky situation is unavoidable.
  10. Don’t be a hero – in case the worst happens, do not try to stop an assailant if it is not safe. First priority is getting out of the situation. Only fight with the attacker if there are no options left.

In the instance of having to contact emergency services, a panic button from CRS Notify is essential.

How does a Panic Button Work?

The click of a computer mouse or an optional hardware button from any computer running CRS Notify program instantly alerts multiple people and responders using several communication channels. By default, CRS Notify can raise either level alert via computer mouse from the tray icon of the workstation. Our computer-based panic button system has centralized communication with adjustable alert levels.

When you want to alert your responders and not the creepers, the alert room can be resized and muted for an inconspicuous silent alarm. You can set alerts to a particular color to ensure simplicity for all users. Opens a centralized, real-time communication channel to keep everyone updated until the situation has been handled. Each user is shown by their name and location throughout the situation. Text and email recipients also get follow-up notifications on any communication.

A unique feature of CRS Notify is that you can connect multiple buildings in the event of an emergency. Join multiple buildings on the same campus, various locations in the same area, or even multiple offices across the globe. All of your offices could connect back to one centralized point, so you know immediately if a high alert was raised at any one of your facilities around the world! CRS Notify allows you to then communicate with those facilities to send and receive real-time updates via the alert room on the situation.


In conclusion, just knowing what workplace violence entails can go a long way in avoiding it in the first place. Knowing what to do in the case of violence can help employees from becoming victims.

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