Violent Crime in the United States Today Warrants Proactive Solutions.

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The ferocity of violent crime in today’s society has made communities all across the U.S. feel unsafe. These days, Americans are more likely to worry about international terrorism than troubles here in the heart of the United States.  Over the last decade, the chaos in Afghanistan and Iraq appear to have displaced any residual fears about domestic crime deep into the shadowy corners of the American people’s minds. However, the threat is still very prevalent across the country. There were an estimated 1,197,704 violent crimes committed nationwide last year.

Many cities across the U.S. are more susceptible to crime than others. However, none are unaffected by the corruption that plagues the country as a whole. Violent crime in today’s society warrants proactive solutions. Several companies are taking a progressive stance by installing high-tech gadgets throughout their facility. Many other companies are enlisting the aid of incident response instructors.

What Steps Need to be Taken to Protect Against Violent Crime?

The first step is to develop an incident response plan. Begin by introducing a risk assessment to identify potential crisis scenarios. Having this understanding of what can happen will help you to determine policy and procedure requirements to prepare your facility accordingly. Internal risk assessments are the number one way to uncover potential risks. These evaluations give you the opportunity to incorporate adequate safeguards and train personnel on how to respond to emergencies.

Next, you will need to decide what safety and security devices will best benefit your facility. Camera surveillance system and a computer-based panic button system can be a great combination.  Camera monitoring systems give you an inside view of the situation, while a technology-driven panic button can alert multiple people of the crisis quickly allowing time to react efficiently. It also strengthens the reaction time of responders and gives them necessary information concerning the situation.

Finally, make sure that everyone is well versed in the incident response plan and procedures as well as security devices set in place. It is high-priority to practice and test these methods before a crisis occurs. Having an established protocol for in-house response team members and staff in place will ensure procedures are properly coordinated. Time is precious during an incident. Organized communication will allow staff members to identify the course of action needed during a crisis. This type of organized communication will also help ensure a favorable outcome.

Still Unsure About Violent Crime?

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