What Can I Do if a Student Becomes Violent in the Classroom?

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The most recent tragic events cross our minds when we think of school shootings. Incidents like 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre in Newton, Connecticut, that killed 20 children and six adults. Alternatively, as well as 1999 Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, killing 14 and wounding 23. Both of these crises were all over the news media stations for days on end. School safety tips for an active student shooter scenario could have helped teachers and staff possibly prevent all of these tragic events.

The list of school shootings is documented as far back as July 26, 1764, and has continued to grow throughout the years. School safety tips are in high demand after such violence has occurred across our nation. The ominous fact is that the United States has a higher rate of school shooting than any other country. A staggering 80% of the shooters were male, however, only about half of the shooters we students. With all the recent tragedies in mind, a holdup alarm from CRS Notify is a good supplement for an incident response plan for schools.

Why is a Holdup Alarm Important for a School to Incorporate into Their Incident Response Plan?

There are hundreds of schools, colleges, and universities across America. However, many of them do not have a holdup alarm installed in their facilities. It is important for schools to incorporate a holdup alarm into their incident response plan. You never know when a crisis will develop!

Violence in schools undermines the sense of security felt by student groups, staff, and teachers. A holdup alarm is versatile and can restore that feeling of security. The system can instantly prompt responders into action to handle the crisis more efficiently. A proper holdup alarm has a mass notification capability, arming responders with crucial information about the crisis. Whether the violence is of an internal or external force, with a push of a button or click of a mouse, you can alert multiple people of the crisis within seconds.

Does Technology Offer Solutions for a Holdup Alarm for Student Safety?

Yes! Technology has caught up and revolutionized the way people respond to situations. The increase in global in domestic terrorism creates a clear and imminent need to have holdup alarms for school safety. People believe mobile apps are the cure-all for these types of situations. However, an app is not solely the best option. Think about if there was an emergency. Would you have time to find your phone, open it, and locate the app to raise an alert? Phone app panic buttons focus more on individuals rather than buildings and people inside.

The key for an effective panic button for schools is to lower the notification time to responders and to integrate internal and external notification. Combining internal and external notification means that it notifies everyone within the school while alerting responders at the same time. CRS Notify combines both internal and external notifications at the push of a button.

How Much Should I Budget for Holdup Alarms for School Student Safety?

The key to find a technology-driven school safety panic button system that offers free system updates to ensure you do not get stuck with an outdated program. Technology is always changing just like your school. Look for a scalable system that meets your exact needs and the cost will always offset. Surprisingly, the technology-driven school safety panic buttons are usually priced three to one less than the traditional panic buttons while offering several other innovative features that can easily be molded to your particular needs.

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