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“★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5/5) I wish I had found this sooner. We love the low level alerts feature!”
Stacy in Florida
“My employees feel safer with TeamAlert available at the push of a button”
Mike in Maryland



Panic Button Alert Software for Public and Private Schools

TeamAlert can alert staff, responder’s and the central office all at the push of a button. Our new low level alert feature is great for allowing teachers to contact administration directly in the event they need assistance. No expensive wiring needed. The high alert is great for incident response and continuous communication while the low level alert is great for teachers that need assistance in the classroom.


• No hard wiring required
• Panic alerts local responders
• Turn current computers in to panic buttons
• Wireless buttons work well for staff
• Assign high-level and low-level alerts to handle any type of event
• Connects networks and building together for a rapid response


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