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CRS Notify Software

How does CRS Notify handle support and updates?

Every CRS Notify user is under an account. Every account has a subscription that is paid either monthly or annually. As long as your account is current then every CRS Notify user has access to free support and updates. For support please reach out to our contact page and for updates log in to the client portal.

How long does it take to get up and running?

Usually minutes! We will do all the heavy lifting so you can get this project completed and move onto other projects. You will always have access to add any other panic buttons at any time. Tell us when you’re ready and we will do the work!

I just want a simple panic button on one computer, would CRS Notify fit?

Yes! CRS Notify fits whether you want a simple computer-based panic button or a complete alert and communication system!

Does CRS Notify contact emergency services (911)?

CRS Notify has an E911 option available that can automatically notify your local 911 call center when you raise a high-level alert. Click here for more information, or contact your CRS representative at 800-533-7201.

What is a low level alert?

A low level alert is when you have a situation that may only require a few people to be made aware. For example, a receptionist who feels uncomfortable with a patron may want to alert and bring it to the attention of other employees.

What is a high level alert?

A high level alert is when you have a situation that requires attention from all staff members and responders. This would require an immediate response from all parties involved to quickly respond and resolve. If you have purchased the optional E911 integration, high-level alerts are also sent to your local 911 call center. Click here for more information, or contact your CRS representative at 800-533-7201.

How will we know if it’s a high level or low level alert?

The alert level will be color-coded and broadcasted at the beginning of each alert.

How do we decide who gets these alerts?

In the management portal, you will be able to decide what users get what level alert, or both. The alert levels can be distinguished for all users, text, email, and voice call recipients.

Do I have to purchase any other programs or equipment to get CRS Notify operational?

No! There is no need to purchase a server and there is no hidden cost.

What happens when an alert is raised?

A lot happens simultaneously when an alert is raised! It notifies all the computers (with the program) at your facility, sends a text and email message to all recipients you have listed, and it makes up to 10 automated voice calls to whatever telephone number you have in the system. If you have purchased the optional E911 integration and raised a high-level alert, a separate call is placed to your local 911 call center. Then an alert chat room opens on all computers where all users and viewers can enter in relevant information for everyone else to see. Text and email recipients receive additional messages on any information entered into the alert chat room. Click here for more information on the E911 integration, or contact your CRS representative at 800-533-7201.

What information is sent out on alerts?

All recipients receive the alert topic (if there is one), the locations name, address, and who initiated the alert as well as their room or office number. The alert room also displays confirmation the alert was sent out to connected locations and that the automated voice calls were made. Each comment into the alert room identifies the persons’ name, address, and room or office number.

What does a connected location mean?

A connected location means that you can connect with any other location using the system to share alerts of mutual interest. Both locations must approve the connection for the connection to be complete. For example, you can connect your school with your central office, local first responder agency, neighboring facility, or any other location. So if you are connected with your central office and first responder agency and an incident happens at your location, your connected locations computers, and text and email recipients would also receive the alert. On an active alert, your location and your connected locations would enter the same alert room for centralized and streamlined communication.

What are the system requirements to run CRS Notify?

CRS Notify can operate on any Internet-connected computer capable of running Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later and Mac OSX.

Optional Hardware Buttons

Do you need a physical button to raise an alert?

No! By default you can raise an alert using your computer mouse. We do offer optional hardware buttons both stationary and wireless. They come pre-configured and ready to use.

Do we have to use a specific hardware button?

Although CRS Notify will work with most hardware buttons, we will only support hardware buttons purchased through CRS. All buttons come tested and ready to work with CRS Notify. You can have as many hardware buttons as needed.

Can we assign the blue and red colored hardware buttons to low or high level alerts?

Yes!  By default, the alert room has blue for low level and red for high level alerts.  You can also assign the colored buttons to the same alert levels for each user.  This means any additional button you purchase, you can assign to specific alert levels and customize the messages on what the buttons will broadcast.  You can still use a computer mouse as an additional method of raising an alert.

Can we customize the messages of the alert buttons?

Yes!  You can assign customized messages per button, per user.  The messages will raise the alert for you and the message will be the alert description that is broadcasted for the specific colored alert level.

Why should I choose CRS Notify over a traditional panic button offered through my alarm company?

The flaws of the traditional panic button are the main reason CRS was started! Traditional panic buttons can take several minutes to notify first responders. We even found that some traditional panic buttons fail to notify first responders due to an unknown malfunction. CRS Notify has taken those minutes down to just seconds! We even offer confirmation the alert went through via automated voice call and/or computer!


Do you have to sign a contract?

There are no contracts or hidden obligations of any kind. CRS Notify is a monthly subscription that can be paid for month-by-month or annually.

Can we pay by check or purchase order?

Certainly.  You can check out and select the payment option that best fits your needs.


Are the hardware buttons a one-time cost?

Yes.  Once purchased the hardware buttons become property of the client.