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“★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5/5) I wish I had found this sooner. We love the low level alerts feature!”
Stacy in Florida
“My employees feel safer with TeamAlert available at the push of a button”
Mike in Maryland




Panic Button Alert Software for First Responders

TeamAlert was built by a first responder with extensive knowledge, training, and experience in school and workplace safety. The concept was to allow first responder agencies to build community oriented relations by connecting with facilities within their jurisdiction. CRS Notify was built for this and can allow for instantaneous notification and centralized communication between facility and first responders.


• Connect with any business or school in your jurisdiction
• Receive an INSTANT alert from any location with details
• Build the high alert for centralized communication via CRS Notify
• Communicate and update in real-time
• All alert details and communications are date and time stamped
• Notification time is instantaneous


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