Personal Safety Tip

Have you ever expected to hear from someone you care about, but you don’t know where they are and why they’re not answering their cell phone? Through the hustle and bustle of the day you may forget to tell someone you love where you’re at and when you expect to be there.  Many police departments and colleges offer self-defense classes to help you with risk awareness, risk avoidance, and risk reduction strategies along with actual self-defense moves.  Past that, letting others know your whereabouts is equally as important.  So why not offer a FREE tool that can help people know they need to check in on you? Kitestring is a free app that allows you have an emergency contact in the event you have put yourself somewhere and have gone past your expected time to be there.  So, for example, if you’re walking around the park and you clock your time for 30 minutes and you don’t check it after that time, the app will alert the emergency contact you have listed of your recent whereabouts.This app is a great tool that can help people find their friends and loved ones when they’re worried about them.

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