Security for Your Place of Worship

Security is a growing need in many churches, synagogues or any place of worship. While it might not be needed for some churches, many places of worship that are implementing the idea are finding that their security problems are waning. Creating a security team is a great idea, but would it be worth forming if mass chaos breaks out and there is no plan in place to help if security is breached? Think about it, having a plan in place during a time of panic is crucial in making sure people stay safe and orderly. Those who know what to do in a time of emergency often become survivors of that incident.



The Run, Hide, or Fight Methodology

This is a great tactic to use in a last ditch effort to stay safe. If you wish to implement this methodology in your place of worship or business, then it should be practiced on a regular basis.

Run – In a place of business, there is a posted escape plan in case of a fire or an emergency. Your place of worship should have an escape plan as well. As a leader in your place of worship, it is a necessity to determine which exits are appropriate for the different groups of your congregation members, so that no exits become blocked. It is also necessary to create alternate routes for the different areas in your facility if one area becomes the point of danger. You do not want people running toward harm’s way!

Hide – What happens if you are in the part of the facility that is in danger? There are two options. You can hide in the best location you can find or you can choose to fight. In the event you choose to hide or your area goes under a lock down situation, choose an area you feel will help you stay as safe as possible. Stay there and wait until the threat has ended or help has come. It is pertinent that this area covers your entire body, meaning total coverage. Do not choose an area that will leave any part of your body exposed. Finally, you should not choose a hiding place that will harm you or others.

Fight – This option is often the last resort in this particular methodology. Unlike running or hiding, fighting has a much higher risk of injury. Just because the threat of injury is there does not mean that this option should not be used. When you start fighting there is no other option for you, and you have to stand your ground until the threat has ended or you see an opportunity to run away from the threat. When you fight, you can use any means possible to stay alive, and you can use whatever is near you to help ward off the threat. Do not try to BE A HERO, but fight to STAY ALIVE. If running or hiding is an option, then use those options first.

This Methodology is being practiced throughout the country and has been proven to keep people safe. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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