Should We Get a Buzz-In System?

In my 15 year tenure as a police officer I was able to attend several training classes and become certified in incident response.  Today, the biggest threat that has most Americans worried is global terrorism; however, let’s not forget domestic terrorism as also being a threat.  The first thing that comes to mind to most business managers is having the doors locked with a buzz-in system.  Good idea?  Let’s examine the concept of having a buzz-in system for your facility.

What is a buzz-in system?

A buzz-in system is a device that is mounted by the door to a main entrance into a facility.  Some may have cameras and some have a two-way speaker.  The idea is to have the doors locked and require someone to buzz-in and identify themselves before entering a facility.  The concept takes away from having an open and welcoming facility while focusing on monitoring entry into their facility.  Unfortunately, may places can’t really use the buzz-in system because of their industry.

Are buzz-in systems effective?

I bet that I could walk up to any business that has a buzz-in system and they would let me in.  I have done it many times.  I could state that I’m there for legitimate business and once I’m in, I’m in.  The door behind me is locked and slows down law enforcement from entering the facility. Having several certifications in incident response and years of experience in school and workplace safety, I have to be honest and say that buzz-in systems only work for innocent people.  I don’t want to scare anyone or be negative, but if someone wants to get in, a locked door won’t stop them.

What Should I Do?

This is a common question that I have heard from many business managers.  I do think buzz-in systems have their place in an overall safety and security initiative; however, they only act as a small piece of the puzzle.  I believe the best method is incident response training.  The new initiative of run, hide, or fight that is being implemented in schools across the nation should also be used in virtually every industry.  A training seminar put on by Phil Chalmers shows that those committing violence commonly coward down when their control is being compromised.  That’s why I believe the concept of run, hide, or fight is the most effective tool that business managers can implement.

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