How Can I Call My Vice Principal Over a Disruptive Student?

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Between having to teach classes and keep order in the classroom, teachers always have their hands full! A disruptive student should be the least of a teacher’s problems. In the case of a disruptive student, schools should have an emergency response plan in place. A CRS Notify panic button for schools is an excellent supplement to any emergency response plan, giving teachers peace of mind when doing their everyday work.

What is an Emergency Response Plan for Schools?

An emergency response plan for schools focuses on the main events that could have a severe impact on the quality of life for you and your staff. An emergency response plan for a school should be simple and to the point. The most significant thing that can be accomplished by an emergency response plan for a school is giving your staff a proactive way to respond to a reactive crisis, such as a disruptive student. People always go back to the way they were trained in high-stress situations. Not being prepared could result in an unneeded panic that leads to a sizable increase in the potential for an injury.



What Kind of Objectives Should an Emergency Response Plan for a School Follow?

  1. The program should be organized and accurate for a variety of possible emergencies.
  2. This plan should provide for the safety of all students, teachers, staff, etc.
  3. This program should include the use of an emergency alert system with the means of communication during an emergency.
  4. The program should also seek to decrease liability that may develop during a crisis.
  5. This program should focus on proactive measures, rather than reactive.
  6. This program should help staff members, patrons, and other team members in identifying and responding to potential threats and emergency situations.

A panic button from CRS Notify is an excellent supplement to any emergency response plan for schools. In an emergency, it cuts down on the middleman by getting directly in contact with authorities when moments matter the most. The time saved in a crisis is critical for getting everyone out of harm’s way.

How does a Panic Button for Schools Work in the Case of a Disruptive Student?

The click of a computer mouse or an optional hardware button from any computer running CRS Notify program instantly alerts multiple people and responders using several communication channels. By default, CRS Notify can raise either level alert via computer mouse from the tray icon of the workstation. Our computer-based emergency push button system has centralized communication with adjustable alert levels.

When you want to alert your responders and not the creepers, the alert room can be resized and muted for an inconspicuous silent alarm. You can set alerts to a specific color to ensure simplicity for all users. A centralized, real-time communication channel keeps everyone updated until the situation has been handled. Each user is shown by their name and location. Text and email recipients also get follow-up notifications on any communication.

A unique feature of CRS Notify is that you can connect multiple buildings together in the event of an emergency. Connect multiple buildings on the same campus, multiple locations in the same area, or even multiple offices across the globe. All of your offices connect back to one centralized point. This way, you know immediately if a high alert was raised at any one of your facilities around the world! CRS Notify allows you to then communicate with those facilities to send and receive real-time updates via the alert room on the situation.


How Do You Focus on an Emergency Response Plan?

When developing your emergency response plan, concentrate on identifying simple solutions to empower your staff’s options in an actual crisis. Focus on a program that will increase workers risk awareness, avoidance, and response timing. The key is to prepare staff with options that they could use in any crisis. An emergency response plan is not just about one main safety precaution. It is, in fact, a cumulation of several different types of safety and security measures. The “run, fight, or hide” is maybe the most efficient method to use for any kind business. The run, hide, or fight technique is perfect for a lockdown situation or active shooter scenario. Incorporating a surveillance camera system and a panic button program also adds a much-needed layer to your companies security initiatives.

Furthermore, local police departments, fire/rescue departments, and numerous military bases offer an active crisis training class to businesses and civilians. Moreover, everyone should take advantage of these classes. This training could determine the outcome of any given crisis. Employees that have the proper tools and training to react in an emergency are much more likely to survive the situation and save other lives in the process.

Still Unsure About a Panic Button for Schools?

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