How Can a Desktop Panic Alarm Keep Office Supply Stores Safe?

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Office supply stores are a not-so-often talked about target for crime. Many office supply stores offer smaller items such as small trinkets and snacks and drinks for tourists to grab on the go. Because of this, there is usually a bit of cash on hand at any given time. A desktop panic alarm in office supply stores will give gift shop employees the peace of mind they need to run the shop every day.

Why are Office Supply Stores a Common Target for Crime?

Many things influence into the fact that office supply stores are a target for crime. 24-hour stores are especially prone to crime because of the long hours. The early morning hours are especially a high risk for crime because there are usually fewer people around then, meaning fewer witnesses and a lower chance for intervention.

Another reason that office supply stores are a high risk for crime is that of the store setup itself. Some office supply stores are small, making robberies seem quick and easy to pull off. Various stores also have view obstructions throughout the shop. Again, this would decrease the number of possible witnesses to the crime.

One more reason that office supply stores are a crime target is because of the high amount of cash that is usually present. Office supply stores typically have smaller items that are generally paid for with cash. Because some office supply stores are high traffic areas, having lots of money on hand is a real possibility.

Why Use a Desktop Panic Alarm?

A desktop panic alarm app would be useful in a robbery. Because some office supply store clerks work alone, there is a significant possibility that the clerk has to move around the store. Between helping customers and cleaning up shelves, among other duties, the clerk typically will not stay in one spot.

One of the main reasons an office supply stores should use a desktop panic alarm is the fact that it alerts emergency services within moments of an alarm being raised. Compare this to a traditionally wired panic button that usually takes around two minutes to alert only one responder, and this is assuming the button is working properly in the first place.

A desktop panic alarm is also discreet when being activated. Other than trained personnel, no one will know it has been activated in the first place.

Our wireless hardware button is also convenient for office supply store clerks in particular since they usually work alone. The wireless button has a 750-foot range from the USB receiver, so the clerk could be working elsewhere in the store and activate an alert if needed.

Finally, our unique feature of linking several locations together would be helpful for office supply stores. If an alarm was raised in a shop, another shop in the network could know within seconds what is going on. Furthermore, the store or other personnel can be notified directly via the app, text or phone call.

How to Avoid Robberies

There are a few precautions that office supply store employees can take to decrease the chance of robbery.

The first would be to implement a policy that limits the amount of money that is kept in the registers. Since office supply stores have lots of cash transactions throughout a work day, they usually have a lot of cash on hand at any given time. Many office supply stores require their employees to make a cash deposit whenever their cash on hand reaches a certain threshold. Sometimes this can happen multiple times a day. Additionally, some stores have signs that indicate that the clerks do not have access to the saved money in the safe. 80% of store robberies are deterred when the amount of money kept in the registers is limited in some form or fashion.

Another way to stop store robberies would be for the store employees to see all parts of the store at all times. This can be accomplished in several different manners. Many stores employ the use of surveillance cameras and mirrors. Bright lighting also helps employees have a better view of their surroundings. OSHA also recommends several steps to take to deter in-store emergencies. See their recommendations here.

Incident Response Plans

An incident response plan is essential in case of a robbery. What is the clerk supposed to do in the event of a robbery? Although it may seem counterintuitive, the best thing to do is to comply with the robber’s demands. Most robbers are not out to hurt anyone; they just want to take something and leave with minimal witnesses and intervention.

Desktop panic alarms can be kind of a catch – 22. When is the proper time to activate it? Many emergency personnel will advise people not to enable a desktop panic alarm until the robber has left the premises. Activating a button while the robbery is still in progress could potentially trigger a hostage situation if the robber happens to turn around and see police waiting on the other side of the door. If it is safe to activate the alarm, do so. If it is not safe, do not activate the alarm. Bottom line: use common sense.


In conclusion, a computer desktop button would be beneficial to office supply stores for many reasons including, but not limited to robberies. They are discreet when activated. They alert emergency services within moments of being activated. In our case, the buttons can alert other stores and colleagues within moments. Most importantly, computer desktop buttons can help give office supply stores employees peace of mind when working alone.

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