Workplace Panic Button

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A workplace panic button has become one of the top priorities in the security world. Technology-driven panic button systems have specific functions that traditional hard-wired panic buttons do not possess. For instance, an agitated criminal enters your facility and catches an unsuspecting victim off guard. There is no certainty that the traditional device is functional enough to send out the alert to responders because no confirmation is given that the alert was received. Furthermore, the victim may not be able to access a phone to call responders of the potential threat, either. This level of vulnerability leaves your employees and your facility unprotected. A workplace panic button from CRS Notify fills in the gaps where many traditional panic buttons may fall short.

A CRS Notify Workplace Panic Button has Undeniable Advantages.

There are many benefits a workplace panic button from CRS Notify offers that other tools do not. Setting up panic buttons in the common areas of your facility majorly increases security. Also, this type of setup allows employees to easily access the workplace panic button in the event of an emergency. Quick access to panic buttons cuts the response time down to mere seconds rather than several minutes. Responders also have the information provided by the alert system to handle the emergency more efficiently.

Minimal effort is needed to set up a workplace panic button from CRS Notify; therefore daily office activities would hardly be disrupted. Technology-based panic buttons from CRS Notify are icons disguised in the system tray or on the screensaver of your computer. Equally, CRS Notify offers optional hardware devices that can be discreetly hidden from a criminal during a volatile emergency. Which, in turn, also provides the peace of mind needed to operate a safe work environment.

Did you know, roughly 2 million Americans will experience at least one case of workplace violence this year? Adding a technology-driven workplace panic button can increase the chances of successfully triggering an alert in a crisis. Moreover, the innovative system from CRS Notify sends out mass notifications to multiple respondents with a single push of a button.

The outcome of these emergencies tends to be more favorable when the first responders are quickly notified with more accurate information. Research suggests that there is little hope of reasoning with a criminal. Their mind is usually set on the actions of violence before they walk into any facility they may have targeted. Therefore, staying ahead, secured, and prepared with effective plans and the right security equipment could save many lives.

Why have a Workplace Panic Button?

Workplace Panic Button

Several different types of crises are experienced in the workplace. These cases range from health issues to verbal/written threats, stalking/harassment, and active shooter situations. The assailant’s actions may have surfaced from an outside threat or an inside source. Locations for violence are often targeted because the site is considered a “soft target.”  The chances for a crisis to occur is 56% higher in areas that have little to no protection versus a facility that has optimal security measures.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation stated that potential victims should be prepared for approximately 5-7 minutes before law enforcement arrives. That small window of time will feel like an eternity in the middle of an adrenaline-fueled crisis. The first minute during an ongoing crisis is the most important. There are no second chances, which is why it is essential to possess an EAP (Emergency Action Plan). With a tech-driven panic button system from CRS Notify, you can inform and mobilize responders and other employees of the incident. Timely response and an organized plan can save lives no matter the crisis. So, why have a workplace panic button? No one can predict when a disaster will occur, wouldn’t you instead want to be protected just in case?

Still Unsure About a Workplace Panic Button?

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Workplace panic button

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