CRS Notify Version 2.1 Release

New and Updated Version

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“★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5/5) I wish I had found this sooner. We love the low level alerts feature!”
Stacy in Florida
“My employees feel safer with CRS Notify available at the push of a button”
Mike in Maryland






Community Response Systems Announces Version 2.1 of CRS Notify –
New Employee Alerting Software to Let Staff Communicate During Emergency and Non-Emergency Situations

Community Response Systems announced the release of CRS Notify 2.1. The latest version of their Employee Alerting Software for emergency and non-emergency situations. CRS Notify is the best way to notify coworkers and staff of a request for assistance. Users can utilize software or hardware to request assistance via CRS Notify, which sends preset notifications through the following methods: computer, text, email, voice call, or E911. A few of the new CRS Notify 2.1 features are listed below:


  • A new, sleek layout and design to enhance ease-of-use.
  • Support for Apple Computers (OSX.)
  • Users can now set an unlimited number of custom alerts.
  • The ability to set up groups for easier user management.
  • A completely new Web Control Panel that is easier to use and more intuitive.
  • Ability to end active alerts from the Web Control Panel and application.
  • Security Updates and Bug Fixes.
  • Better False Alarm Prevention.
  • PDF Reports of alert history
  • Ability to upload documents and images to active alert chatroom

Software available for PC, MaciPhone and Android. Hardware also available.


New Mobile App - Android and IOS
New Mobile App – Android and IOS


Active Alert Chat
Active Alert Chat – See what is going on


Wireless Two Button Hardware
Wireless Two Button Hardware – Raise alerts discretely


Wireless One Button Hardware - Installed in minutes with no screws
Wireless One Button Hardware – Installed in seconds with no screws
Easily Mountable Under A Desk - Use Command Strips and USB Cable to setup in seconds
Easily Mountable Under A Desk – Use Command Strips and USB Cable to setup in seconds


At Community Response Systems, we know that you want to be a caring and responsible company. In order to do that, you need to provide a safe environment for staff. The problem is in an emergency, you need a quick and effective way for staff to say they need help, and this makes you feel frustrated and anxious. We believe your employees shouldn’t feel alone when they need help. We understand how scary it can feel to worry about your staff’s safety, which is why we have helped customers in 45 states and three countries solve this problem with CRS Notify.


CRS Notify 2.0 is a free upgrade for all Active Accounts. Email if interested in upgrading.