Panic Button Alarm Systems for 2017-2018

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Throughout the decades, panic button alarm systems have evolved into what is now considered the cutting edge in security technology. Traditional panic button alarm systems can be effective during a crisis situation. However, they require a wired connection to an access control or intrusion system. This limits where the traditional panic button alarm system is placed. These types of systems can also be very expensive and time-consuming to install.  However, USB panic button alarm systems are on the rise in the safety and security world. They are a simple and cost-effective way of adding that much-needed security to your facility anywhere in your network.

What Should I look for in Panic Button Alarm Systems?

While there are several options for panic buttons out there to choose from, be aware that all panic button alarm systems are not created equal. While doing your research, look for a system that not only offers free system updates (so you are never stuck with outdated software) but also can send notifications through multiple channels. Furthermore, be sure to consider a panic button alarm system that incorporates an option for an open line of communication. This is essential in a lock-down situation when phone lines could be compromised with excessive call volumes. Just having these few features in your panic button alarm system will be invaluable to you and your facility during a crisis.

Panic Buttons Over Traditional Notification Systems?

Traditional notification systems often become outdated relatively quickly. These types of notification systems can be rather expensive to install. The construction alone can disrupt daily activities and decrease productivity within your facility. Furthermore, these traditional panic buttons do not offer free system updates or rapid mass notification. These small details could leave you with a system that renders your facility vulnerable.

Meanwhile, panic buttons are most often able to adapt to your security needs. Panic buttons, when incorporated into an active crisis incident response plan can save lives. Also, these wireless panic button programs are always evolving, while striving to increase workplace safety. A security panic button program is rather inexpensive, which will not drain your company budget. Saving money is always a plus for every company.

Does Technology Offer Solutions for Panic Buttons?

panic buttons

Yes!  Technology has caught up and revolutionized the way people respond to situations.  The increase in global and domestic terrorism creates a clear and imminent need to have panic buttons.  People believe mobile apps are the cure-all for these types of situations. However, an app is not solely the best option.  Think about if there was an emergency. Would you have time to find your phone, open it, and locate the app to raise a panic?  Phone app panic buttons are a great addition to any system, but not as a stand-alone component.  The key to an effective panic button is to lower the notification time to responders and to integrate internal and external notification.  Integrating internal and external notification means that it notifies everyone within the office while alerting responders at the same time.  Internal and external notification should be merged into the push of a button.

How Do Panic Buttons Notify First Responders?

This type of notification varies from company to company.  Most traditional panic buttons are directed to the local 911 center for that business.  Unfortunately, the phone calls through the old school panic buttons can take a couple of minutes. Many phone apps and computer-based panic buttons have to get local first responders or 911 centers on board to start any notification. We built the CRS Notify system to make an E911 call to local first responders and ten automated voice calls to any responders you wish. Responders will receive notifications with the locations name, address, and alert topic when the button is initiated.


In closing, panic buttons can be used in just about every industry – from schools, churches, gas stations, anywhere. Businesses that are physically isolated are also good candidates for panic buttons. According to OSHA, nearly 2 million American workers reported being a victim of workplace violence each year. No one is immune to workplace violence; panic buttons will help decrease the odds of becoming a victim.

Still Unsure About Panic Buttons?

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