How can a Panic Button from TeamAlert Help my Business?

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The power of a panic button is becoming more in demand than ever before with all of the crime happening around the country. A panic system is becoming increasingly helpful to notify staff during an emergency. Along with an incident response plan, a panic button from CRS Notify would be essential during a crisis.

What Makes a Panic Button Stand Out?

Alert notification systems help anyone who feels threatened. For example, recent attacks in schools and office settings have set off the need for duress buttons. In general, traditional panic buttons only notify one responder. Responders are alerted to a crisis within moments with a panic button from CRS Notify. CRS Notify emergency buttons bypass typical alert notification systems that take several critical minutes just to be notified.  Seconds can seem like an eternity for the person needing assistance.

The CRS Notify panic button system instantly activates the emergency notification system. Multiple people, regardless of location, can receive alerts instantly. Upon panic button activation, authorities automatically receive a signal. This completely bypasses the security company during a time when seconds matter the most. The program also has an internal communication chat room which allows constant communication to take place during an ongoing crisis. The technology for CRS Notify panic button system is a cloud-based emergency button that is revolutionary with frequent and affordable updates to the software program. Built by a first responder who felt that notification time should be rapid to reduce response time significantly.

Technology Panic Buttons Over Traditional Notification Systems?

Traditional notification systems often become outdated relatively quickly. These types of notification systems can be rather expensive to install. The construction alone can disrupt daily activities and decrease productivity within your facility. Furthermore, these traditional panic buttons do not offer free system updates or rapid mass notification. These small details could leave you with a system that renders your facility vulnerable.

Meanwhile, technology-based panic buttons are most often able to adapt to your security needs. Computer-based panic buttons systems, when incorporated into an active crisis incident response plan can save lives. Also, these wireless panic button programs are always evolving, while striving to increase workplace safety. Security panic buttons are rather inexpensive, which will not drain your company budget. Saving money is always a plus for every company.


In closing, tech-based panic buttons can be used in just about every industry –  from schools, churches, gas stations, government agencies and more. A panic button is also a good candidate for a business that is geographically isolated. According to OSHA, nearly 2 million American workers reported being a victim of workplace violence each year. No one is immune to workplace violence; a tech-based panic button will help decrease the odds of becoming a victim.

Still Unsure About a Panic Button?

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